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All my life, ever since I can remember I considered myself an optimist, no matter what, the good and the bad times. I always thought that it will work out at the end. Deep inside I still believe that everything happens so we can learn, but I won’t lie when I tell you that lately it’s becoming a bit of a challenge.

In part it’s personal, I‘m 47 and I’m going through a crisis of life purpose, but I also feel the entire world is going through something similar. I’ve been on the search of meeting people that is living a peacefull, fullfilled and conscious life and it’s becoming a bit of a challenge. Maybe I’m not looking on the right places.

I hope it’s just my state of I mind, I’m working really hard to change that, but I have a difficult time finding mentors or inspiring people in the real world, not on social media, that inspire me to open a new path towards a better, more conscious and connected life.

I feel optimist about it :)

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  • Writer's pictureJordi Ventura Fabra

I find difficult to express myself through writting, a big part of it it’s because the way my brain functions, I’m what doctors would call dyslexic, big picture thinking, yet I have a difficult time articulating myself through words.

That said, I find it a very good exersise of expression, of putting order in my head, of exploring corners of my brain that help me to move forward in the day to day, to pay attention i the detail, in the practical.

So here I go, I will share my thoughts, ideas, projects, findings, not only with the goal of sharing with the world, but also to help myself in the process of thought ordering and self expression.

I welcome you to participate in whatever way you feel.

Thank you!

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