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    I love the challenge of a new project, the possibility of creating through beauty and deep thinking. There is so much good we can do in the world, let's start now!

    About Jordi

    Founder of the digital agency DIVE, the Barcelona Surf Festival, Festival Organic, DIVE FEST, Lokals Collective, co-founder of Piknic Electronik Barcelona, Brunch Electronik Barcelona, Electrosnow Festival and many more. I also was an information architect and later social media advisor at the agency Sid Lee with clients including Adidas Originals, Cirque Du Soleil, Tourism Montrèal, Red Bull, Heineken, Fatboy among many others and my diverse experience also includes working as a choreographer and performance artist.


    I alternate my high energy business lifestyle with meditation, surfing, traveling with my van and being in nature, which I find very inspiring and brings balance to my life. 


    I have a strong background in marketing and communication, specially online, but I’m also an entrepreneur which gives me the understanding of how a company works, I use creativity and deep thinking solutions to tackle the challenges that companies face in this new world paradigm.


    I’ve spent the last two years studying and developing new ways that brands and organizations can use to reach their audience in a deeper and more meaningful way. I believe each day more people want to have an positive impact in the world, they seek meaning and want their brands, organizations, leaders, mentors to acknowledge that. They are waiting for alternatives, let's offer them!


    I work with agencies or companies that understand the power of storytelling, I help them find their voice, their values and create a holistic narrative that reaches their audience in a deep and meaningful way.


    Curriculum Vitae



    2006 - 2007 INIS (Institut National de l’Image et du Son) Interactive Media

    1998 – 2000 PARTS - Performing Arts Research Training Studies (Brussels, Belgium) 1995 – 1997 Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (Spain)



    2006 Bourse d’excellence UBISOFT


    Work Experience


    Other projects

    2020 - 2022 I founded the Green Way Crew, a space for the creative community of my home town Tortosa too meet, have a nice meal and enjoy different cultural events. This project was hand in hand with Lokals, a community of young creatives that organized concerts, festivals, parties and taught young up and coming artist to produce and create their own art. We created a small local community that had a huge impact on the territory.



    2012 founder and director of D-IVE Fest, about influencers and mobile photography.

    2012 - 2016 Co-founder and marketing director at Piknic Electronik Barcelona.

    2013 - 2014 Co-founder and marketing director at Electrosnow Festival in Andorra.

    2013 - 2016 Co-founder and marketing director at Brunch Electronik Barcelona.

    2014 Pumpkin Eletronik at Sala Apolo, Barcelona

    2015 In-edit festival, advisor for the Montreal implementation of the festival

    2016 Offf fest, advisor for the Montreal implementation of the festival

    2016 - today, Founder and director of Festival Orgànic in Barcelona.

    2019 - today, Owner and director of Barcelona Surf Festival.


    Marketing, communication and social media

    2009 - 2019 CEO at Dive Barcelona 

    Clients Design Museum, City of Barcelona, Barcelona Cultural Council, Asus, Nike SB, H&M, La Mercè festivity, Barcelona black novel festival, Barcelona Poetry festival, Montjuic de Nit festivity, and many more campaigns for these clients.


    2009-2010 social media consultant for Sid Lee in Amsterdam. Clients: adidas Originals, Red Bull, Heineken, Fat Boy, ...


    2009 - Co-Founder Five is Blue (client: Bershka).


    2008 Creative Producer at Great Works Barcelona. Clients; H&M, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Bacardi, Electrolux, Symio.


    2006 – 2007 Experience designer and social media strategist at Sid Lee Montreal. 

    Clients; adidas Originals, Cirque du Soleil, Red Bull, Tourisme Montreal, Aeroplan, MGM Grand.


    Other digital projects

    2005-2008 Blog on creativity called


    Guerrilla project

    2005-2007 Collective Street Intercept; Guerrilla events in cities such as Montreal.


    Performance art

    2000 – 2005 Artistic Director. Projet Recherche What What I What. Created and directed performances; “GVG.2”, “Visio”, “Strange Places” and “Consequence”.


    Video Art 

    2000 - 2005 Video work/Installations including; Priming, After Hours, me/me, GVG.2, Visio, Strange Places, Why did you become a dancer?, 445, White Room.


    Productions in performance art 

    2002 – 2004. Multimedia Festival “Vestim Felip” (Spain), Multimedia event “After Hours” (Montreal and Spain)


    Guest Artist as performer

    2000 - 2005 O Vertigo, Le Carre des Lombes, Frederic Messier, Montreal Danse, Anne Teresa de Keers- maeker, Teatre National de Catalunya, and many more...



    2005 “Missing Victor Pellerin”.


    Languages Spoken and written

    Catalan, English, Spanish and a little French.


    Link of interest



    Barcelona Surf Festival 2019

    Dive Barcelona Reel

    Piknic Electronik



    Festival Orgànic

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