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My name is Jordi Ventura, a creative, father, entrepeneur who loves  van life, classic surfing, a creature of nature and lately reflecting alot about conssciousness, purpuse of life, legacy and living in peace in such caotic times.

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A bit of my proffessional history

Cultural promoter, specialized in communication, sponsoring and creativity. Passionate about cultural challenges, creation of new projects, specialized in develop ideas and concepts and turning into real tangible projects. With 15 years of experience in communication and multiple collaborations in festivals, as a founder and as collaborator.


Festival Experience

Lokals - Tortosa 2020 - 2022

Founder and director

A project that started during the pandemic in Tortosa and it extended to the entire Ebre territory, with a community of over 50 young artists. The goal of the project was to promote local culture and music by offering a platform, digital and physical, where they could create and show their work. In just two years, we built a rehearsal space, recorded many songs and music videos, and created a festival that toured a number of towns and cities in the region.


Barcelona Surf Festival - Barcelona - 2019 Founder and director

A festival that had the objective to give a voice and visibility to the Barcelona surf community, a community that represents a huge part of the surf scene in Spain. The festival brought together surfers, artists, artesans and shappers all together for 3 days in La Barceloneta.


Festival Orgànic - Barcelona - 2017 - 2018 Founder and director

A wellness festival that was the first of its kind at the time, it brought together a variety of professionals from the community - yoga teachers, therapists, nutritionists, meditators, coaches and much more. The festival offered conferences, workshops and took place at the Museu Marítim de Barcelona.


 Ex-centris Productions S.l. - Barcelona / Madrid / Lisbon / Andorra - 2012 - 2016 Brunch Electronik Barcelona, Piknic Electronik Barcelona and Electrosnow Co-founder and CMO.

My role in the company was the creation and development of the projects, creating the brand strategy, finding locations and permits with local authorities, sponsors, marketing and communications of all the festivals.


DI-VE Festival - Barcelona - 2012 Founder and director

A festival that showed the early movement of influencers and mobile photographers in the beginning of Instagram. We brought different influencers from all over Europe to show their work, give workshops and to discuss the future of this new media at the time of its first steps.



DIVE Barcelona - 2008 - 2019

Founder, CEO and strategic and creative director

I created the agency DIVE in order to be able to undertake bigger projects for some of the clients I was advising as well as carrying the campaigns for my own festivals. Very focused on social media and content creation at the core, we design and implemented 360-degree strategies.

Clients: Ajuntament de Barcelona, Design Museum Barcelona, Institut de Cultura de Barcelona, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Line app, etc.

⁃ For Ajuntament de Barcelona, we curated and produced an exhibition and we did different activations for some of their campaigns.

⁃ For Institut de Cultura de Barcelona, for over ten years, we created, managed and produced their entire social media and digital strategy, social media management and the digital campaigns for all of their events and festival, such as La Mercè, Barcelona Negra, Santa Eulalia, Barcelona Poesia, and many more city festivals.


Sid Lee - Amsterdam office - 2009 - 2010 Clients: Adidas Originals, Red Bull, Heineken.

⁃ Social media strategy, I was responsible for the implementation of the entire social media strategy for the global campaigns and brand positioning of all social platforms.

⁃ I advised the brand about digital implementions for digital content on different campaigns.


Great Works - Barcelona office - 2008 Producer.

Clients: H&M, Bacardi, Ajuntament de Barcelona

 Sid Lee - Montreal office - 2005 - 2008

Clients: Tourisme Montreal, Red Bull, Adidas Originals, Adidas performance, Cirque Du Soleil, Tourism Montreal.

- Information architect and user experience designer in all the digital projects of the mentioned clients. I would conceptualize, structure and define online projects for the agency clients.


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