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Is optimism a lost state of mind?

All my life, ever since I can remember I considered myself an optimist, no matter what, the good and the bad times. I always thought that it will work out at the end. Deep inside I still believe that everything happens so we can learn, but I won’t lie when I tell you that lately it’s becoming a bit of a challenge.

In part it’s personal, I‘m 47 and I’m going through a crisis of life purpose, but I also feel the entire world is going through something similar. I’ve been on the search of meeting people that is living a peacefull, fullfilled and conscious life and it’s becoming a bit of a challenge. Maybe I’m not looking on the right places.

I hope it’s just my state of I mind, I’m working really hard to change that, but I have a difficult time finding mentors or inspiring people in the real world, not on social media, that inspire me to open a new path towards a better, more conscious and connected life.

I feel optimist about it :)

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